Weighing In on Weight Loss

I need to lose weight!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Day Eleven Achievements (9/15/06)

I didn’t get a chance to weigh myself this morning, which I know is the best time of day to do. However, I imagine that if there is any actually weight loss, it will show up no matter what time the clock says. My appetite is really downhill. I get hungry, but I keep feeling sick to my stomach. It really reminds me of morning sickness, but it’s virtually impossible for me to be pregnant. First off, you have to have sex (near impossible with an infant) and then it has to be the right time (which the last time wasn’t). I wonder if someone around me is though because I’ve felt sick before when someone else was pregnant. Whatever it is, it’s making me miserable.

I get hungry (like earlier) and I eat something light (like a banana) and then I become sick to my stomach. However, that works well for weight loss because I’m not eating near as much. The coffee comes regularly though. It’s hard to wake up without that stuff. I look forward to getting on that scale tonight. I’ve given myself an opportunity to make some progress, and I want to see if what I am doing is working for me.

Great if it is, developing another plan if it isn’t.


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